Observe the bees, when they make honey they make more than they need themselves.  That is the same spirit of charity.  In order to give charity, you have to make more than you need yourself.  In order to achieve that end, man has to be very productive, effective and efficient.  When we look at the bees we can see such a little insect giving such a large production.  Man is a big creature; his production should also be proportionate. 

Observe the bees and you will see how they are seekers of beauty and producers of sweetness.  Science has confirmed that by first finding that beauty and then eating from it, the bees make the sweetness.  They go from the dust of the flower to the industry of the hive; the community life. 

Observe the bees and you will see how G-d designed the bees, not to serve just their own interest without doing something for the flower they took it from. Science confirms that when bees take from one flower, as they fly to another they give back by pollinating the very life that is contributing to their own.  What a powerful lesson for man in this observation.

Observe the bees.  They give us the healthy honey and its byproducts, but it also carries a poison or a stinger.  G-d does not mention the stinger in the Quranic Revelation.  He mentions only the honey.  He wants us to see the honey connection and not the stinger.  Science has learned that once the stinger is used, the bee gives up its life, a clear sign that we should be willing to sacrifice our individual lives and wants for the life and needs of the community.  And science has even found a benefit in the sting of the bee in medicine.

The Bee
Imam W. Deen Mohammed

The Mosque Cares Community Garden

The Mosque Cares [Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed] non profit organization has established the Community Garden Initiative, a hands on educational program involving our youth in creating sustainable, organic gardens.  Gardening can improve quality of life.  It also promotes community involvement, community development, and social interaction.  Community gardens beautify neighborhoods and encourage self-reliance.  Produce is tastier, more nutritious and organic.   The project teaches all aspects of organic gardening including soil preparation, planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting.  We also advocate recycling and composting.  Throughout the growing season we share fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs with the wider community.  If you are interested in contributing to this project donate online or mail your donation to WDM Ministry Garden Initiative, PO Box 1061, Calumet City, IL  60409

Observe the honeybee, it never loses sight of the goal.  This says to us that man should not lose sight of the goal. G-d says, “to each is a goal towards which G-d turns him, then strive together, as in a race, toward all that is good.  Wheresoever you are, G-d will bring you together, for G-d has power over all things.” [2:148]

Observe the bees, inspired by G-d, it lives and works like it has real senses.  Man has greater senses but sometimes we live and work like we don’t.

Observe the bees and you see that the bee never wanders like a blind person.  It moves like it has vision and a road map.  If man is to make any measure of progress he must move like he has vision and a road map and he need not search for it.  G-d has already put it in his nature and revealed it in His Revelations.

Observe the bees, they demonstrate the dignity of work.  Man’s progress is tied to this principle found in the dignity of work.  Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is reported to have said, “No one enjoys a meal more so than the one that has earned it with his own hands.”

Observe the bees, they are busy and look like they love it.  Man has coined the phrase to describe his own actions “busy as a bee.”  Bees work hard, are diligent and they stick to it.

Observe the bees, when they find something, they want others to participate in the find.  Therein we find lessons for man.  Bees are not monopolistic in their find.  They alert others to it and literally do a dance in the sky saying “I have found something good, come and share in the find.”  It seems that they know when others share in what they have found, it is going to benefit all of them.